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Keeping local money local in the 518. 



518 ATMs is a woman-owned business providing turn-key ATMs to local businesses within the Capital Region of New York State. We provide reliable ATM service, maintenance, security, and hassle-free solutions to our merchant partners who enjoy all the benefits of having an ATM without the work. We are home-grown New Yorkers maximizing passive income for local businesses to ensure a strong community economy.


Found in 2017 after directly experiencing the plight of small business finance charges, 518 ATMs sought to deliver secure, guaranteed financial transactions in partnership with banks as an alternative to credit card fees. 518 ATMs enables merchants to reduce their overhead by eliminating credit card fees and charge backs while also generating long-term passive revenue for the merchant. Additionally the owner, Lisa Decker is a serial entrepreneur with over ten years of professional experience providing services to small businesses. To learn more, visit our sister-site Blaue Reiter Design.


We know you have questions. Why partner with 518 ATMs? What's the installation process like? What am I going to gain from this? What is the catch? Go to FAQs to learn more.

You work hard for your money.

Stop giving it away to credit card processors. Let it make you more money effortlessly, passively. Can you afford to lose those earnings?


Genmega products are built on a philosophy of cutting-edge engineering and integration structured in sleek, modern design. Genmega ATMs are not only easy to deploy and maintain for 518 ATMs but are also attractive to your customers thereby maximizing  returns. We offer free-standing and through-the-wall Genmega ATMs.



We work with the merchant to choose an ATM that best fits the needs of the business and location as well as discuss recommended accessories and security features for the ATM. 518 ATMs purchases all basic equipment associated to the ATM, performs the entire installation, and daily management thereafter. For you as the merchant, this process is hassle-free and turnkey.

We organize and perform the ATM installation whenever convenient for you and all of our ATMs are brand new ready for industry advancements spanning the next decade. Having a background in technology and security, we are able to provide extra peace of mind that our competitors cannot. We offer security system consultation and installation at discounted rates to our merchants when under a terms agreement. If there are any technical issues with the ATM, associated hardware or software, we troubleshoot it. ATMs are too ugly for your place a business? We get it. That's why we also offer a variety of aesthetically pleasing options to refine the often bulking, clunky look of an ATM. We can help you choose a more easy-on-the-eyes ATM accessory or feature based on your brand and feel for the location. 

Once installation is complete, we then monitor, manage, refill, and perform maintenance on the ATM when necessary. You simply promote ATM usage to your customers and get paid on the income you are already earning. 

Dollar 518 ATMs


At the end of every month, you will receive a payment from us. How does this work?


Based on monthly ATM usage, the merchant and 518 ATMs collect payment through transactional fees. These fees are directly passed to the customer via the ATM. 518 ATMs takes a percentage of that profit to provide maintenance and refill service whereas the merchant gets a percentage of profit for hosting the ATM. Merchants are given a monthly report detailing transactional volume and passive income gained. Your percentage rate earned per transaction will meet or exceed the rates of our competitors. 


Is it a 50/50 split? No and this is because we own the ATM, we own the cash inside of it, and we perform all services involved. As a turnkey service to the merchant, you are not liable for any costs to the ATM or any damage done to it; we are. You have no stressful obligations to the management or maintenance of the ATM and it's of no cost to you. You save time and money leaving behind finance charges while gaining passive revenue.



An ATM increases sales because your customers have access to all of their available cash. The profits made through our payments to you for hosting the ATM do not account for the increased foot traffic and potential sales generated. 


Yes! This is because an ATM transaction in cash is guaranteed. Charge backs, disputes, fees, and bad checks are completely eliminated when you direct customers to the ATM. When you eliminate your credit card processor fees, you retain what you have earned and then use that income to make more passively on a monthly basis. 


Yes! Having an ATM saves your customers awkward interactions and embarrassment about declined cards while also saving your staff time running payments. Having an ATM ensures that customers can buy what they want on the spot and that they have access to an ATM in a pinch should they need one.


We meet with you, conduct a site-survey to determine viability, and set up a terms agreement. The terms agreement outlines usage, rights, ownership, insurance, and the on-boarding/off-boarding process. The merchant and 518 ATMs both sign the agreement. The first three months of usage in your location are probationary to determine if the site survey was accurate. As the added benefit of partnering with us, you gain access to discounted business services with us and Blaue Reiter Design. We also give a bonus payment to our merchants at the end of the year for our grateful, continued partnership.


If the site location is unsafe, not generating enough revenue for the merchant and 518 ATMs, or in the unlikely event that the relationship has soured, we reserve the right to remove the ATM from the location at no cost to the merchant. 


Our founder, Lisa Decker has established an excellent reputation for 518 ATMs and Blaue Reiter Design among the local community. Both businesses are known for high quality service, consistent customer care, and on-time deliverables. There is no fuss, gimmicks, or bait and switch; just professional service exceeding expectations. When partnering with 518 ATMs, you will get a brand new ATM, better returns, better security, and the opportunity for discounted business services. The cost savings and revenue generation that merchants can expect are significant.  


No, the terms agreement is month to month! If the merchant wants the ATM removed, we coordinate a date and time to remove it. The merchant then receives payment for the last days that the ATM was at their location.


We own the ATM, accessories, and hardware that we installed for free. However if the merchant purchases camera systems or services from us, they own that equipment regardless of the relationship between them and 518 ATMs.


You are not liable to the ATM or 518 ATMs in any way. The only foreseen risks that a merchant may experience involve their location safety, theft, and ATM downtime when in repair. In the event that having an ATM at your location is a safety risk, we can set up deterrents throughout the location. If an ATM is broken into or stolen from your location, if property has been damaged or destroyed in the process, your business insurance will likely cover your damages and our business insurance will cover ours. We do not expect you to cover our damages and we do not cover yours. In the event that the ATM is down due to repair, we will work as quickly as possible to resolve the issue as well as keep communication open.

In regards to protecting your customers' financial information from hack attempts or card readers, our machines are equipped with latest hardware for cardless chip technology. We also inspect our machines at every refill to ensure there is nothing foreign attached to them. We purchase our ATMs brand new and directly from the manufacturer rather than a reseller third party. This ensures that your customers will get technology that is of the highest quality within industry security standards. 


You can expect ongoing cost savings when you leave behind card processors and their finance charges while seeing an increase in passive revenue. You can expect peace of mind while having no responsibilities to the management or maintenance of the ATM.


Perks and service discounts with 518 ATMs including:​

  • Security cameras

  • Digital advertising features, signage, and accessories

  • Aesthetically pleasing privacy screens to hide ugly ATMs

Perks and service discounts with Blaue Reiter Design including:

  • Website Design

  • Graphic Design

  • App/Mobile Game Development

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Management and Marketing

  • Photo-retouching

  • Video-editing​​


We hear you. ATMs are not exactly pleasing to the eye and rarely blend within most brands. This is a common concern for our customers. If you find the ATM to be ugly or a disruption to the flow of your business, we can recommend a variety of solutions and strategies to ease the eye-sore. We start by offering our more attractively designed ATMs and help identify a location in your place of business that will meet security needs as well as design needs. From there, we offer a variety of solutions from a customized, branded skin applied to the ATM to a customized privacy screen available in multiple finishes.


Still not convinced? Check out these data points. ATM users will spend 20% more than a non-ATM user. Merchants report that they retain 20% to 40% of the cash dispensed from the ATM within their store. Nightclub owners report that 70% to 80% of ATM cash dispensed stays in their clubs. When it comes to repeat customers, 40% of regular ATM users go to the ATM an average of ten times per month; each withdrawal is an average of $75.00.  Consumer studies show that customers prefer the convenience of a small business ATM to that of a bank and consumers make note of ATM locations when planning purchases. ATMs are also the second most sought after service for small business stores.  


We give our merchants and other business owners the affordable opportunity to advertise among our ATMs in monthly increments. Why run ads? Running ads, specifically of those small businesses within your neighborhood expand costumer traction for everyone. Your neighboring businesses pay for advertising space on the ATM while you get a percentage of that profit and encourage your customers to spend more within your community. Flat rate ads run in a non-stop monthly rotation as images or video for the entire time that ATMs are accessible to your customers. 


What sets our advertising spaces apart from other ATM providers is that we partner with Blaue Reiter Design to assist merchants and business owners in the development of their ads at low cost. Production of ads is performed quickly and efficiently through Blaue Reiter and seamlessly transferred to 518 ATMs for install. Merchants and local business owners can build each other up in this way while having peace of mind that ads are running beautifully and effectively.

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"The ATM in my shop is perfect for my business needs. I have seen an increase in revenue, not only in passive income but in my merchandise sales as well since I made the switch. Lisa is reliable and great to work with, too!"


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